Andrea Ferguson Staff Photo

Hoover High School 2004 Valedictorian from Fresno, CA

3 years of Track & Field - best 1600m (the mile run) 5:52

3 years of Cross Country - best 5K 21:23

UC Davis Bachelors of Science in Mathematics 2008

UC Davis Teaching Credential 2009

UC Davis Masters of Arts in Education 2010

Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee, Bowling, Ping Pong


I completed my first 2 years of teaching at Livingston High School in Livingson, CA. Go Wolves!

Now, I teach here at Maine Prairie High School. Go Bulldogs!This will be my 8th year teaching mathematics. I love my job and my students!


Yarn Things

I am a total yarn junkie. The space underneath my bed is full of sock yarn that I plan on knitting into socks for me and my husband. I also like to crochet (similar to knitting) dolls and baby blankets. I recently started dyeing my own yarn and making really pretty color combinations. Why? I plan on selling them in my Etsy Shop as a small business adventure.

Bird Things

I own four birds, two cockatiels and two cockatoos. Sometimes they want me to scratch their heads and sit on my shoulder while I mow the lawn. Other days they scream until I let them out so they can eat off my dinner plate and make a mess.