Announcements for 8/28/2017
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Monday, August 28, 2017
Maine Prairie
Maine Prairie


Maine Prairie High School


August 28, 2017


*Announcements to be read to students during Advisory each morning. 



  • Congratulations to the following students who earned perfect attendance during the first week of school: Ricardo Aragon, Ethan Buford, Valerie Burciaga, Antonio Contreras, Mitchell Dana, Carina Davis, Kevina Earp, Tatyana Estrada, Brisa Flores, Scott Forgues, Alejandro Garcia, Alizea Garcia, Isabella Garcia, Oscar Garcia, Eva Gutierrez, Luis Jimenez, Alexander Leon, Pedro Leon, Jacob Ludel, Sierra Mann, Amarissa Mercado, Cynthia Negrete, Tomas Nunez, Rimiro Ortiz, Garrett Perchaz, Ruben Ponce, Makayla Roby, Angela Saucedo, Spencer Sheeran, Johnathan Van Dyke, Vanessa Vasquez, Daisy Vega, Alyssa Verduzco. And at the Dixon Community Day School, Dustin Felix and Anthony Pires both earned perfect attendance. For the week of August 14th, the following students earned perfect attendance: Salvador Birelas, Ethan Buford, Mitchell Dana, Vanessa Diaz, Kevina Earp, Tatyana Estrada, Brisa Flores, Scott Forgues, Alejandro Garcia, Alizea Garcia, Oscar Garcia, Brisa Herrera, Andreya Layfield, Jose Leon, Pedro Leon, Adrian Leon Ramirez, Sierra Mann, Marcos Mapes, Antonio Martino, Cynthia Negrete, Darlene Parra, Ruben Ponce, Angela Saucedo and Alyssa Verduzco.


  • The Solano County Office of Education is sponsoring the 2017 Solano County Attendance Awareness Poster/PSA Contest. There are prizes for first, second and third place in each category. Please refer to the poster posted in your Advisory class or in the office for more information!


  • Interested in helping to lead events on campus and be involved with our school? Leadership is a great way to do that! Meet on Wednesdays at break in the MPR! See you then!



Students must earn at least 3.0 credits in order to earn a passing letter grade. Students who do not earn at least 3.0 credits will fail the course, receive an F, and become ineligible for credits. Remember that 3 tardies = 1 absence, 6 absences = minus .5 credit and 12 absences = minus 1 credit. Be sure you are working hard to earn all 5 credits in all your classes. And don’t forget that you MUST earn 3 credits in order to earn any at all! Come on and get those credits done!


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